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BT to showcase ‘Workstyle Managed Services’ and ‘Mobile Health Worker Solution’ at the Healthcare Innovation Expo

March 7, 2011

BT will be showcasing the Workstyle Managed Services and Mobile Health Worker solution at the Healthcare Innovation Expo. 

Both products have already been a success for South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust and Kirklees Community Healthcare Services and the case studies below show: 

South Essex Partnership UniversityNHS Foundation Trust works flexibly with BT Workstyle 

South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (SEPT) is one of the largest and highest performing NHS providers in England of health and social care services for people with mental health problems and learning disabilities across south Essex and Bedfordshire. 

With more than 5,000 employees, serving a population of 1.5 million, SEPT required a flexible way of working. With BT’s strong track record of delivering efficient programmes for working, especially in the public sector, SEPT chose BT Workstyle Managed Services to help introduce and implement its WorkSmart programme. 

BT and SEPT have worked together to ensure that the programme reflects the complex, often long-term and multi-disciplinary care programmes that mental health patients require and the implications this has for working styles.

Now, with over 30% of SEPT administrative and community clinical employees working flexibly in some way, the aim of making considerable savings and helping the Trust meet government efficiency targets is very much in sight.

Kirklees CHS increases productivity with BT’s Mobile Health Worker solution 

Kirklees Community Healthcare Services (CHS) covers around 150 square miles in the north of England, including moorland, areas of the Peak District and the South Pennines. The rural geographical spread of Kirklees means that providing community-based healthcare can be a real headache.

Kirklees CHS has employed BT’s Mobile Health Worker solution which enables staff to access its SystemOne clinical records application, the internet and email using a secure mobile VPN connection that safeguards patient confidentiality. Mobile network connectivity is provided under a BT Mobile contract featuring unlimited access. 

Tina Quinn, clinical and operational lead, Kirklees CHS, commenting on the importance of mobile working, said: “This is all about improving patient care and giving our frontline staff access to up-to-date information. 

“It’s already led to improved productivity. Nurses are able to communicate with each other in their team and they don’t have to return to base for information. The result is that this has led to improved productivity with staff able to carry out one or two extra visits per day.”


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